Phim mới : Trái Tim Mùa Đông (Take Care of You, Accompanied by the Lights) MING-EN (Níu Giữ Ánh Dương, Níu Giữ Em)

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(Take Care of You, Accompanied by the Lights )

Minh ĐạoTrần Kiều Ân

4 DVD – Thuyết minh tiếng Việt !
Phim rất hay và cảm động.

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Show Type: Drama series
Show Theme: Contemporary
Company Name: NMG Entertainment LTD
Number of episodes: 30
Script Writer: Ren Sha
Editor: Lin Huang Kun
Director: Clarence Fok Yiu-leung (Hong Kong)


Translation by meosles@

Loving a woman wholeheartedly is simple happiness. But loving two women at the same time is complicated pain. If the two women are sisters, then the love relationship is even harder to untangle. But, the beautiful answer is – who is “staying by the sunshine and staying by you”? Then she (or he) is “staying by happiness and staying by love”.

Painter Ding Yi Ming and dancer He Li shares the same passion for art and therefore were united in marriage. But He Li chose to pursue a greater level of dancing. She abandoned her husband and three years old daughter Ding Xiao Han and went to London for further studies. In the hardship of a foreign country, He Li gave birth to He Fei.

Eighteen years later, Xiao Han who grows up under the love of her father is genial, cheerful and elegant; however He Fei who has no one to depend on has a cold character.

Yang Rui return to his country and meet Xiao Han. Xiao Han loves Yang Rui’s easy-going personality and his bright smile. Yang Rui is touched when he sees Xiao Hao hiding her illness because she only wants to bring happiness to the people around her. In order to let her father enjoy his old age without worries, she takes on multiple jobs and enjoys working hard, making full use of each day. In the beginning, Xiao Han secretly admires Yang Rui but Yang Rui only treats her like a brother.

Not long after, Yang Rui is reunited with his childhood sweetheart He Fei and they rekindle their love. Yang Rui is tolerant of He Fei’s proud character and her consuming love for dancing.

A major London musical is looking for leading actor and actresses. Xiao Han and He Fei are the main rivals for the role of the leading actress. He Li returns to her country at this time and tries to find her missing husband and daughter in order to make up for not fulfilling her role as mother to both her daughters. But will they be able to accept her? Jealousy can make a person lose her reason. He Fei loses control and pushes Xiao Han down the stage, causing Xiao Han’s illness to worsen. Their relationship is revealed and the mother finally meets her daughter.

After this, will the two sisters continue to strife in love? On stage, will the two sisters continue to contend fiercely? Humanity has its bright side and its ugly side. In the end, who will “stay by the sunshine and stay by you”?


Joe Chen – Ding Xiao Han 丁晓寒
Ming Dao – Yang Rui 杨睿
Dai Fei Fei – He Fei 何菲
Jiang Kai – Ding Yi Ming 丁亦明
Li Ying – He Li 何俪


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